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So today is national signing day and recruiting has dominated the news today. We tried the recruiting angle last year, but it’s just not our thing here at theHawkGuys.com. There are plenty of good sites out there that do all the leg work and could provide way more insight than us. Go to Hawkeyeinsider.com and get yourself a free 7-day trial and read up until your heart’s content. Or go to the official Iowa site and get your totally unbiased Iowa perspective. Personally, I don’t see the need to get all worked up when half these guys will likely fail to pan out, some will leave school, and some will hopefully turnout pretty good. See me in three years.

Grapplers beat the Gophers

The Iowa wrestling program got back on track with a big home win over #3 Minnesota. Credit must go to the usual trio of McDonough, Ramos, and Marion, but a huge reason this meet was won was due to the pin by Mike Evans at 165. Without that fall, the Hawks probably would have lost their fourth straight. But, shoulda woulda coulda Gophers!

Drew Tate resigns with Calgary
Not really much here in this link from Mike Hlas. Only tells you that Tate re-upped with Calgary for 3 years. Crazy, but he’s already five years gone from Iowa. Good for Drew. He may have been a maniac, but CATCH THE DAMN BALL YOU SONSA BITCHES!

Roy Marble Book
Marble is releasing a memoir that looks back on the 1986-87 basketball season. It goes on sale this Saturday and will be on sale at the Hawk Shop at Carver with many of the old team in attendance to sign autographs. And yes, Hawkeyegrant will be in attendance.

Ferentz took the artic plunge
So Kirk, Tom Brands, and some other assistance jumped in the frigid Iowa River on Saturday to raise money for the Hawkeye Wrestling Club. Click here for the Daily Iowan’s slide show with videos and Kirk’s post jump interview. Or check out the Gazette’s photo gallery here.

Coker Update
This story is still lingering and I doubt it’s going away anytime soon. And nor should it, as the University has serious questions it needs to answer on its handling of the investigation. But they are refusing to answer them and continue to site FERPA in the denial of release of records relating to the case. You’re a public university that makes a ton of money of your football program, and you played a player for several weeks that you knew was being investigated for sexual assault. Then you suspended him. You need to answer these questions, and the media better not give up on this. Oh, he also transferred to Stony Brook, but I couldn’t give a shit less.

Insight no more
Insight has decided not to sponsor the Insight Bowl any longer, so next year we’ll get to look forward to the potential of heading to the Manwich Bowl, or maybe the Chicken of the Sea Bowl. I’m still waiting for the day when one of these Presidential candidates sponsors a bowl game. The Romney Bowl!!! Mark my words, it’s gonna happen.

Doug McDermott POY chances
Not Iowa Hawkeye related, but he’s from Iowa. Here’s a nice take on Doug McDermott’s Player of the Year chances from Grantland.com. Did you know he’s shooting 62% from the field and 50% from 3? That’s fuckin’ nuts.

Super Bowl
There’s a Super Bowl this weekend. Crazy, I know. Football will be done. But check out this article on former Hawkeye Tyler Sash and the other Hawkeye ties to get primed for the game. And for the gambling degenerates out there, check out this article from Grantland.com on all of the sweet prop bets in Vegas, and a few interesting props from overseas.

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