Sunday Stewing – Indiana “Holy Shit” Edition

I really don’t know what to say after this week’s loss, except that there is no way to disguise a smelly pile of shit. Maybe the saddest part is that I predicted that we would lose and am still so angry. That still doesn’t make the actual loss stink any less. As I’ve said many times this year, let’s get this over with…

• The best thing about yesterday was that I had to miss watching most of the game due to my niece’s baptism. I’ll be sure to thank her in a few years when she’s old enough to fully respect the meaning of Iowa football. My brother obviously does not (that’s a joke, Lew. I love you).

• Our offense is officially the worst fucking thing I’ve ever seen in black and gold. I’m not blaming the players because they are just doing what they are told. But I’m done with Greg Davis. DONE. And all caps done, too. There is no way this guy should return next year. In fact, we should fucking beg Ken O’Keefe to come back and salvage things. Yeah, I said it.

• The “Bullies of the Big Ten” nonsense has to stop. I love Brian Ferentz. I think it is awesome that Kirk hired him, and I continue to think he will be great as a coach down the road. But if I see him tweet that idiocy one more time I may blow a gasket. Or just unfollow him. Whatever. Either way, we aren’t the bullies, but the ones being bullied. We got our asses kicked up front by Indiana. INDIANA!!! I said after Northwestern that we had not yet hit rock bottom. THIS is rock bottom. Welcome to it.

• I don’t think you all fully understand… We just got dominated at the line of scrimmage by Indiana. Continue to let that sink in.

• We opened up the game fairly strong. Sure, there were a few false start penalties. But overall, the line looked good, and they were calling some old-fashioned Iowa plays by running play-action rollout passes to the tight-ends. I was excited! I was fired up! And then Kirksey nabbed that pick-six! YAHOO! The good Hawkeyes showed up! And then… SHIT. Reality set in.

• People are throwing a fit about Kirk not going for it on fourth and inches on the second-to-last passion. First: I agree he pussed out. Second: it’s not why we lost. You should have never been in that position. Again: we were playing fucking Indiana!

• And again, the defense didn’t kill us here. I know, I know… they gave up 473 yards. But they only surrendered 24 points. Indiana’s offense is no joke. They hung 49 on Ohio State. The defense did their job. The offense, on the other hand? They continue to shit giant-sized turds. How do you only score 14 on this team? They give up over 500 yards per game, and you give that performance? How do you not rush for 100 yards as a team? That was the scariest thing of this game. If we don’t get that pick-six, we get housed. And why? It sure ain’t a talent thing. Indiana does not have us when it comes to talent. This is once again a case of being out-coached.

• I’m continuing with offensive ineptitude. We had 13 possessions. You can essentially scratch off two, as the last one was a joke with 18 seconds left, and there was one before the half where we ran the clock out. So we really had 11 possessions. Of those, we had 5 “3 and out’s”. That’s 45%, folks. That’s abysmal. That’s so incredibly bad I can barely think of a way it could sound worse. Then I saw this: during our last two possessions, and I’m not even counting the REAL last possession of 18 seconds, the Hawks ran 10 plays for a total of 31 yards and two punts. We could not have possibly played worse with the game on the line.

• So what’s next? Well, Purdue. And they’ve looked even more awful than we have. So I fully expect Iowa to win this game. Well, not “fully” but I do expect a win at home for a change. It’ll probably be the ugliest Big Ten game you watch all year, but we should get a win (funny that Purdue fans likely think the same thing). Then we go to Michigan, and will likely get housed in the Big House. Then we play the Cornholers at home with a bowl game on the line. Will our boys show up and fight? Of that, I have no doubt. These guys will show up and fight their asses off. But will the coaches provide a gameplan worth their effort? There has been no evidence I can look to this year that shows that will be the case.

• And then there’s this: I am obviously not happy, but I get even more irritated when I see the type of dog shit that Chris Hassel tweeted out Saturday night. He said the following: “For the first time in my life, I wasn’t rooting for Iowa to win a football game.” I credit him a bit for answering back after I gave him shit, but he only said he wasn’t rooting against Iowa, just not rooting for them. My reply is this: Is there a difference? If you’re a fan, the players deserve your support. You can be mad at the coaches, but you need to root on the players. To not root on the players because shit didn’t go your way makes you a fair-weather fan. The players obviously haven’t quit. If you’re a fan that says idiotic shit like that above, then you’re really not a fan at all.

• I’ll always root for Iowa to win. ALWAYS. I may be pissed at some coaching nonsense, but these players have and always will inspire me with their play wearing the black and gold. I’ll be there this Saturday, and I’ll be there on Black Friday. Love it or leave it motherfuckers!

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