Sunday Stewing, Nebraska Saturday Edition

I’ll have a year-end stewing session soon enough, but as far as Friday goes…

• Fire Greg Davis. Just do it now and get it over with. The offensive numbers were so abysmal, there should be no excuse to retain this guy another season. You need to look no further than Penn State to understand that it should only take weeks, not months to implement a new system that works. To go through an entire season, and then only put up 200 yards of offense in your final game. And to do it against a team that has given up over 600 yards on two separate occasions this year. Unacceptable. And we can do better.

• Kirk bears some brunt of the blame here, too. I know that the wind was a huge factor in this game, but the conservative nature was still extremely disappointing. JVB has a cannon, so I’m pretty sure he could throw over the middle hard enough to not have the wind greatly affect the ball. But the bigger issue was that we truly had nothing to lose. We were 4-7 with no chance of a bowl. Take some chances. Coach like you’ve got nothing to lose. But that’s not what we saw. Punting from the opponent’s 31 was probably the worst thing I’ve seen all year.

• The crowd was weak. I’m guessing you can blame it on the weather, but the crowd just did not seem fully into it. To which, some will likely reply that there wasn’t much to cheer about. I get that. But in a low scoring game like that, you need to yell your lungs out to keep the defense fired up and playing hard (and the D was very good yesterday). There were just too many times when Nebraska had the ball, and you could see Martinez going through his silent counts and hand signals to deal with a raucous crowd, but he really didn’t need to. There were times in the third quarter where I swear I could hear his cadence from row 44! Nebraska fans would get cheers going back and forth from the North endzone and the Northeast corner, and Iowa fans would barely have a response despite outnumbering them 4 to 1. Weak sauce.

• Defense played their hearts out. I can’t fault the effort or the gameplan of the defense at all. They really shut Nebraska down, especially in that first half when Nebraska struggled to do much of anything. The D continued to get stop after stop in the fourth quarter when the offense could do next to nothing. If we would have had any semblance of an offense this season, who knows what could have been. But this defense played above their heads in 10 of the 12 games this year.

• Refs actually did okay. Yes, they did blow when “no-call” on a pass interference that we desperately needed called. But really, there weren’t a lot of penalties. It was a clean game. They kept things moving, and thank God for that because most of us were freezing our nuts off out there.

• Chris Hassel is a troll. Dipshit had the following to say on twitter prior to the game: “Wind advisory here in Iowa City. Great news for Hawks. Wind so strong it may blow Vandenberg’s passes into vicinity of receivers.” Nothing quite like seeing an “objective” reporter (who is actually a Hawk fan) rip on a player prior to his last game. I told him to stay classy, to which he replied he was “sorry for ruining my day.” You didn’t ruin my day dude, you just continued to prove that you’re an ass unworthy of the job that you have. He continues to prove that he is one of these guys that loves talking up the Hawks when they are good, but wastes no time trying to be funny about how terrible they are when things aren’t going well. I’m just saying, you’d never see Keith Murphy say something like that about a college player.

• The Nebraska crowd wasn’t that overwhelming. Sure, there were several thousands of them in the house, probably around 15 or 20K. But the game wasn’t even a sellout. So we heard all week, and for over a month really, that Nebraska was going to come over in droves. They didn’t even buy the seats that were available. And there were thousands of tix for sale by scalpers going for $20 or less prior to kickoff. They really could have had 30K plus. But their team won, so good for them. Whatever.

• Back to the offense, what was that fourth quarter? The defense went out and got stop after stop, handing the ball back to the offense as most of us in the crowd begged them to do anything. We had 4 possessions in the fourth quarter. Three punts and one interception. 19 total yards. I would say I couldn’t fathom how that’s even possible, but we’ve seen it all year. No imagination, and the opposing team’s coaching staff knew exactly what to do to stop us. I don’t want to hear Kirk talk about execution at all. Unless he’s talking about executing his offensive coordinator.

• Where to go from here? I’ll have a larger post on that in the future. But in short, I’m sure I’m not alone in having pretty tame expectations for next season. The D should be okay, and the O line should be good if Scherff and Donnal can return healthy. AIRBHG will likely strike soon, so I can’t get excited about the RB position. It all comes down to one thing: do we have a QB that can play? If so, we could be a pretty formidable team. If not, well, 4-8 could be the new norm.

• But one last thing: thank you to all of the Hawkeye seniors that played your last game yesterday. THANK YOU. It wasn’t the best of seasons, not in the least. But the amount of work you put in over your four or five years at Iowa is a tremendous accomplishment. No matter the result, you’ve all got a lot to be proud of. Once a Hawkeye, always a Hawkeye.

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  1. avatar jasonkemp12452 says:

    Looks like Kirk is doubling down, hopefully it pays off! It would be tough to have another season like this one. But I think we’ll be better, and with a decent quarterback and and some receivers we could be a lot better!

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