Hawkeye Bean Bag Boxes for a Good Cause

So, other than running an obscure Hawkeye fan site, I also try to run an obscure box making business. Not just any boxes, but bean bag boxes, or cornhole boxes as they are also known. I call my little side project jordanhouse boxes. I should note that I don’t sell anything that is Hawkeye copyrighted, as I haven’t applied or paid the fee to do so. The ones I usually sell are my own design and contain no registered trademarks.

The ones I am picturing here are similar to a couple Herky’s of old. I personally like the retro stuff. These are hand made, hand drawn, and hand painted. You could be the talk of your tailgate lot if you show up with these…





These bad boys are available via silent auction with all proceeds going to charity, so I’m assuming Iowa would forgive me on the trademark stuff for these. American Home Finding Association does an annual fundraiser, and this year’s will be held this Friday night in Ottumwa. The event will be held at the Hotel Ottumwa and starts at 7:00 pm. For all the details on the event, you can click this link to learn more.

I used to work for this organization, and they do a lot of good things for youth and families in need. For four years, I worked in their shelter for teens and it taught me more than college did. Organizations like this are greatly needed in Iowa communities, and they need your help. If you’re in the Ottumwa area Friday, please try and attend. Maybe you’ll even score some sweet boxes!

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