Grant’s Rants – 2/13/14

My thoughts on some of the recent happenings in the world of sports. Enjoy…

• No one in the Big Ten is safe. Look no further than the two biggest recent games (after Iowa v Michigan, of course), with Ohio State losing at home to Michigan, and MSU getting Adreian Payne back and still losing on the road to Wiscy. Then we got Indiana losing at home to Penn State. Things that didn’t seem possible are happening almost daily in the Big Ten this year. So maybe it’s not that big a deal we lost a couple home games. Everybody’s doing it. It’s really all the proof that Iowa needs to realize there is no reason they can’t win at Bloomington and East Lansing. But beat Penn State first thing Saturday, and then sit back and watch more chaos.
wilt-chamberlain  3
• Melvin Ejim put up 48. And that’s great for him. Solid accomplishment, and I can’t think of a Hawkeye coming close to that. But I have a problem with it being referred to as a Big 12 record. The Big 12 used to be the Big 8. And in that Big 8 was a school named Kansas. Kansas once had a player name Wilt. Yeah, Wilt Fucking Chamberlain. Wilt scored 52 and grabbed 31 boards in his FIRST game in college. So that doesn’t count anymore? So apparently all Big Ten records before Penn State joined are null and void. Please. Ejim’s game was a monster game. It was amazing. But let’s stop calling it a record.

• Way to follow that game up with an embarrassment at West Virginia. 100? Really?

• Michael Sam came out, and good for him. And good for Gary Pinkel and every Mizzou player for having a spectacular season and not leaking it to the media after Sam told the team prior to the season starting. This should be all the proof NFL teams need that it doesn’t matter at all. If you can play, you can play.

• Marcus Smart lost his mind for a couple seconds. I’ve seen arguments on both sides. Some say the fan was only to blame for being a jackass. Some say Smart should take it no matter what the fan says. I say they’re both at fault. The fan IS a jackass for yelling obscenities, and Smart is dumb for reacting.

• I like the Olympics quite a bit. But I hate it when it’s not in a timezone close to us. I’m totally fine with how NBC will not air the bigger events until primetime. And I’m fine with other news organizations reporting on results. But why does the Today show, which airs on NBC, decide to give the results for things that will be airing later in primetime in America? That’s just dumb. Sports are pretty lame when you already know the outcome. I can never watch a DVR’ed game when it’s been ruined by someone giving me the result, and this is the same thing. If we want to see the results, we’ll look it up on the internet.

• The new proposed college football rule to not allow the offense to snap the ball for 11 seconds is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. Kirk’s favorite play to run to the line and run the quick QB sneak will be dead and gone forever. But coaches and fans need to continue to throw a fit so the rules committee can realize how idiotic this idea is. Don’t be scared of innovative offenses and pass off the fear as concern for player safety. You’re going to get more defensive players hurt that have to sprint onto the field and then have a split second to get set before the ball is snapped. Dumb.

That’s all I got this week. My Best of 2013 Music Blog is coming soon. Stay tuned, gang.

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One Response to Grant’s Rants – 2/13/14

  1. avatar Schizophrenic CYcho says:

    Your rant about the Big 12 record is rich. Wilt Chamberlain holds the Big 8 record. If you’ve been paying attention, you would know the Big 12 has been raided of almost half of it’s old Big 8 members (Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri). Likely all started by the conference you favor. And while we’re discussing records and the B1G, they claim Nebtard’s MNC’s. I don’t watch the B1G channel, but I’m told they show B1G classic games featuring Nebtard when they played in the Big 8 and Big 12. So tell me how this all makes sense and why your argument is logical?

    I linked the wikipedia page for the Big 12 so you could see that the conference was established in 1994.

    And the new proposed rule is remarkably stupid. Saban is throwing his weight around to insure he keeps the advantages. What a joke. Lose a game or two to teams you consider inferior and “we better change the rules”.

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