The Iowa ‘media’ needs to get over themselves. You see what I did there? I lumped them all together into one big group of Iowa fan-hating douchebags. I learned that trick from them.

I keep hearing this same bullshit that Hawkeye fans don’t want their team in the tournament. I’m going to start this by saying that most of the reporters that bring us Hawkeye news are phenomenal. I love Marc Morehouse, Mike Hlas, Scott Doctherman, and many others. I follow them on twitter and rely on them for Hawkeye news and opinions. And I am aware that many times what writers write gets tweaked by an editor, and headlines are often out of their control. But I’ve seen far too much bullshit over the last two weeks not go on a rant. It’s all bullshit guilt by association, kind of like I did with the media and my headline.

Yes, the media hates Iowa fans. For the last two weeks, I keep hearing that Iowa fans hate their team and want them to die in a fiery bus crash. Okay, maybe not that far, but there have been several stories on how the fanbase doesn’t want the team to play in the NCAA tournament, or that they hate certain players and want them to go away. Here are some things I’ve noticed in recent weeks, and why it pisses me off to no end…

McCabe and the twitter ban. Remember this? It was after the Wisconsin game when the ball slipped from McCabe’s hands when he went to shoot a game-tying three, then some knuckleheads on twitter sent some tweets directly at McCabe, he responded, hence the ban. There was a lot of hub-ub about Iowa fans being jerks then, but here’s the deal…it’s twitter. If you’ve been on twitter at all, you know it is full of fucking morons. The vast (and by vast I mean 99.9%) of Iowa fans were supportive of McCabe in the aftermath of that. Sure, not everyone agreed with him being the guy to take the final shot, but that’s a disagreement with Fran, and I’m pretty sure that 99.9% of fanbases still disagree with their coach’s failed play-call at the end of a close home loss.

True or False: Jared Uthoff has been a disappointment this year. That was an actual tweet tagged to this article that Hawkcentral put out. Okay, so the actual headline was slightly different, but give me a fucking break here. In the article, they take to the internet again and say, “And yet some feel that Uthoff has been a disappointment, judging from what’s being said about him on social media, Internet message boards and wherever else fans vent.” Some feel? Some feel you guys are pricks, okay? It’s twitter again, Facebook is basically a giant timeline of propaganda, and the last time I was drunk enough to get on a message board I had the feeling of remorse that typically follows consuming a twelve pack of beer and a bag of Doritos in one sitting. Let’s send out an irresponsible tweet about a college kid being a disappointment, and the Iowa fans are the ones that are out of line? Go fuck yourselves.

Hard to believe, but some ‘fans’ don’t want NCAA bid. Yet another gem of a headline found here that AGAIN references twitter when referring to Iowa fans. Apparently, an unnamed number of tweeters sent some to Joe Lenardi (of ESPN bracketology fame) and said Iowa didn’t belong in the dance. Here’s the deal, they probably don’t. Iowa’s only win in the last 8 games is against B1G cellar-dweller Purdue, and that was at home and we barely pulled it off. And we just lost back-to-back games to Illinois and Northwestern. It’s an analytical assessment that Iowa does not belong in the tournament, and a lot of people outside of this fanbase make the same argument. But Iowa fans still WANT their team in. I haven’t seen a single tweet, facebook post, or heard a single Iowa fan say they don’t want the Hawkeyes in the dance. There’s a big difference between saying your team doesn’t deserve to be in and saying you don’t want them in. But that difference has yet to be mentioned by the press at all.

Pat Harty is lazy. His Sunday column contained the following statement: One person said to me on Twitter that Wednesday’s game in Dayton, Ohio was a glorified NIT game, while several others said Iowa has to defeat Tennessee to officially be considered in the tournament. “One person on twitter said…” is a statement that could precede basically any other statement ever uttered in the English language, no matter how asinine. It’s lazy writing, and it serves no purpose. Now, if Jeff Horner had come out and said Iowa is playing in a glorified NIT game, then you’ve got a story. If Roy Marble says we need to win Wednesday to get in the field, then by all means you’ve got a big headline. But twitter guy? Come on. The worst part is, the article was about how we should remember the guys that helped bring the program back from the doldrums, which is a great premise and should be talked about right now. But taking shots at Iowa fans because of a few twitter tough guys is weak fucking sauce.

My point here is that a few dicks on twitter do not make a fanbase. I know it’s always the loudmouth that gets the most attention, but most of us just don’t feel this way. Most fans love this team, these players, and want them to do well and are pumped that they are in. Are we befuddled in the recent collapse? Absolutely. Is there anything wrong with voicing frustrations after a loss? Not in my opinion. But we are happy to be in the dance, even if it is a game in Dayton prior to Thursday. And some asshole behind a laptop with 6 twitter followers and zero real-life friends mouthing off, does not give you the right to print as fact that Iowa fans are pissed about being in.

But my biggest problem with all of this is that the media is paid to do a job. Fans and idiot twitter tough guys just get drunk and hammer out a few key strokes, click send, and BOOM, it’s out there for the world to see. The press pays reporters, and they also pay editors. Editors get to review this material and write headlines and hopefully they’re sober when they deliberate on what is appropriate to be displayed for their company and their paper before it goes out to the masses. My point here is that these people are making calculated decisions to pray on people’s emotions for the sake of clicks and page views. And right now they are doing Iowa fans a disservice by lumping us in with wanna-be, fair-weather fans and calling us ingrates. Fuck those ingrates. And fuck those writers and/or editors responsible for being lazy by using social media as a source to pass judgment on an entire fanbase.

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